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Online Yoga Classes

The beauty of an online yoga class is that you can practice anywhere. You don't need to be wearing fancy leggings, you can show up in pyjamas with a cup of tea, and you don't even need to have your camera on if that's not for you. You can join in with as much or as little of the class as you want to - there is no requirement to practice every pose if something just doesn't feel good in your body. 


Beginners are welcome to ALL classes! Whether that's Yoga for All where we break things down a bit, focusing on foundations and spending longer in asanas (poses) to work out what is happening in our bodies, or Slow Flow where we work a little more to link movement and breath, flowing slowly between asanas to build a little more heat in the body. 

Yoga Pose

Yoga for All

Find Your Foundations

Yoga for All is a perfect class for students who are new to yoga, or for those with more experience who are looking to strip things back a little. This is a popular class and spaces fill up quickly - book online today!

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Child's Pose

Slow Flow

Restore and Renew

Slow Flow is a welcome and much-needed break just for you. Enjoy a sequence linking breath and movement that will leave you feeling energised and rejuvenated. Book online today.

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